THAT! Premium Kitchenware

Innovative Mug Keeps Your Drink at the Right Temperature

SipTHAT!'s multi-chamber wall absorbs excess heat and keeps beverages at the right temperature longer. It works with any hot drink. Simply pour your boiling hot drink into your mug, wait one minute and enjoy! Pull-tab lid helps prevent spills and keep the heat longer. No more burned lips!

Perfect for: tea, coffee, hot cocoa, and more!

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  • Multi-chamber wall absorbs excess heat and re-releases the stored heat back into the drink
  • Works with any hot drink. The hotter the drink, the better!
  • Pull tab lid prevents spills
Dimensions3" x 6.75" (ø x H)
Weight14 oz
MaterialsFood grade aluminum alloy, PP


  • Pour hot drink straight out of the coffee maker or kettle and into the SipTHAT and let it go to work
  • Hand wash recommended