ScoopTHAT! Radii

2022 International Home + Housewares Show
GIA Best Product Design Award Finalist

Makes perfect, round scoops every time!

Why wait until the ice cream is softened and partially soupy before scooping? Why waste water when your scoop works all the time, every time?
The Thermo-ring heated scooping edges is active all the time, and will help melt the ice cream ever so briefly. All all remaining surfaces are insulated to keep the ice cream in its perfectly frozen state. The hemispherical shape is designed to make perfect balls of ice cream every single time.

Energy through semi-conductor heat fins

The radial heat fins at the tail absorbs from the ambient environment and replenishes lost energy to the biodegradable liquid inside the handle. Best of all, the nameplate inside agitates the liquid so you can keep on scooping.  

Sustainable Design

No moving parts, no need for electricity nor batteries, no need to waste water, and the liquid is biosafe.

Available in Black/Grey, Silver/Blue, and Copper