Mag Spoon

THAT! Premium Kitchenware


Just For You

Just the right size for a little late night indulgence. The spoon's magnetic handle keeps it in reach on the refrigerator door. Made from food-grade, durable aluminum alloy, the spoon won't flex, bend, or twist out of shape as you dig into your favorite treat. The handle is also designed so the spoon head is elevated at rest. 

New color - Holiday Red (limited quantities)

Perfect for: ice cream, sorbet, gelato, smoothie and more!



  • Magnetic handle holds spoon on the refrigerator or any metallic surface
  • Handle design elevates spoon head at rest
  • Strong forged material won't break, bend, or twist out of shape when scooping frozen solid treats
  • Silicon thumb rest design gives you an extra oomph when scooping


  • Hand wash with soft sponge and non-abrasive dish soap