NEW product! Picnici portable cooler&picnic table

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This product idea came about because we used to go to the Ravinia Park Music festival in Chicago every single weekend where everybody sits on the grass and listen to music. We had a small cooler and a wooden table but they are bulky and cumbersome. 

So... why take a bulky and heavy cooler with you when you can use something that not only keeps cool but is also multifunctional? You can fill this 40-liter capacity basket with your favorite foods, drinks, plasticware and take it to the park, to the beach, to the outdoor concert or wherever you want to go. The top folds out into a picnic table so you can set your glasses and even your electronics. The premium denim cooler bag keeps a six-pack cold. When you are packing up for home, the entire unit collapses into a 2+ inch thick assembly for ease of storage and transport.

Why Buy This? Instead of a bulky cooler box, get this collapsible one. Concert in the park with one single convenient item - a cooler and a picnic table.

Perfect for: ... picnics