NEW product! Picnici portable cooler&picnic table

We made the butter spreader because the little kids were crying incessantly after they tore their toast while spreading cold butter. We designed a flask because a family member had balancing issues plus a convenient place to store his pills on the go. The scoop came into being because wrists were hurting after an ice cream social.

Starting with one accidental product to stop kids from crying, our little brand has been growing by solving problems that bugs each of us personally. While we did eventually moved out of a modest garage in Seattle, Washington, we still humbly retain our core philosophy to this very day.

Our goal, our mission, our obsession is to create new tools to make life just a little bit easier. Everything we create, we start literally from blank sheets of copy paper and pencil. We combine science, sound engineering practices, advanced materials and we create and patented tools that you cannot find elsewhere. Some of these innovations are admittedly niche and personal to us, but if we can REALLY improve the life of one person, we will be content with that.

We challenge you to pick up one of our butter knives without wanting to find a block of butter to try it on. That's the true test of a good tool – it just begs to be used. It's the feeling we aim for in every product we make, and it's how we engineer tools for a smarter kitchen, and beyond!