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Frequently Asked Questions:


Can I cut chunks of butter and then spread those with the SpreadTHAT! spreader?
Cutting away big chunks of butter is easy to do with SpreadTHAT and very useful for cooking. However, due to the amount of energy needed to melt large chunks (it takes too long!), the best way to use SpreadTHAT! on toast is to go over the top of your cold butter like you would combing your hair. You could then transfer the butter onto your bread or toast. You will see the cold butter spread out very easily.

How long do I have to hold the SpreadTHAT! before it starts to work?
There is no waiting necessary. Hold the knife as you would any butter knife, and the high-efficient heat conductor will immediately start to transfer heat from your hand to the knife edge. The temperature needed to start melting butter will be reached after about 30 seconds, just enough time for you to scrape from your stick of butter and start working on your bread.

Will it help if I run hot water over the Spreader?
We do not recommend this. The conductor is extremely efficient. If you run hot water over the spreader it will get hot very quickly! Avoid burning your hands, as tap water can get quite hot. NEVER hold an open flame to the spreader, it will get as hot as the flame in seconds.

Does the SpreadTHAT! work on anything else?
We have had testimonials of it being perfect for use on icing, garlic butter, ice cream cakes, frozen bagel halves and more! If you find another great use for the SpreadTHAT! please let us know!

Is it dishwasher safe?
Yes! We subjected our prototypes to accelerated weathering and dishwasher tests, and we have been using ours in dishwashers for two and a half years and counting...


Why do I need the ThawTHAT! when I can use the microwave to defrost?

Using a microwave actually cooks your food even at the defrost setting. You may end up with a hard, crusty piece of meat that is raw on the inside and tough on the outside! No amount of marinating will help with the taste after you use a microwave.

What about soaking in water to defrost?
Any food soaks up water. Leave raw food in water and you will be eating a rubbery mess. Yuck! 

What if I put food in a plastic zipper bag and place it in the water to defrost?
Bacteria multiply exponentially inside plastic bags, especially after blood starts seeping out. In essence, you will be marinating your raw meat with its own blood. Additionally, it is tough to get all the air out of the bag so the air inside the bag acts as both an insulation (slow down the thawing action) and as a sealed chamber for bacteria to thrive.

The thawing time seems optimistic.
We noticed that too! "Thawed" or "Defrosted" is when your piece of food can be sliced through with a kitchen knife and is ready to be marinated. We tested against the best thawing boards in the world and found that our high-tech option is twice as fast as the closest competitor. Give it a try!

I defrost everything overnight in my refrigerator.
That works great too! But if you forget to defrost something, or have a change of dinner plans, whip out your ThawTHAT!

Can I leave my meat in plastic bags and just set them on the ThawTHAT! plate?
Plastics act an insulator that protects from electrical and thermal conductivity. The thicker the plastic is, the more insulation it provides. Setting bagged items on the ThawTHAT! will still work, but the effectiveness and the defrosting speed will be impacted. For best results, set the met directly onto the ThawTHAT!

Is it dishwasher safe?
Dishwashers will not impact the functionality of the ThawTHAT! However, we do recommend hand washing only as some brands of dishwashing liquid in combination with hard water and high temperature will remove the original surface shine. 


How does ScoopTHAT! work?
The biodegradable, bio-safe liquid in the handle (no scary anti-freeze that leaks!) is connected to the primordial fishbone fins inside the handle. The fins, in turn, are connected to the cutting ring. This cutting ring acts as a high-thermal conductive cutting edge that helps melt ice cream on contact.

Why isn't the entire scoop made out of metal instead of just the thermo ring?
The entire ScoopTHAT! is insulated except for the cutting ring. This allows the ring to melt ice cream for a fraction of a second while it is in contact with the ice cream itself. After the ice cream leaves the cutting edge, it is insulated so it no longer melts. You can then make beautiful, non-watery, perfect scoops of ice cream that leaves the scoop head easily.

Does running hot water over the Scoop help?
ScoopTHAT! is designed to eliminate the traditional need to run hot water over the scoop head prior to each scooping action. This is why we insulated the entire scoop except the thermo-ring - so that you get nicely frozen scoops of ice cream out of every scoop. 

It is really better than a regular scoop?
Definitely better! We tested in strictly controlled lab conditions against every scoop we can find in the market - the ones we can find from William Sonoma, Sur La Table, Bed Bath and Beyond, Jason's, John Lewis, Isetan, Carsch Haus, Myer and various ones online. We found the ScoopTHAT! to be much faster and easier than the best scoops in the world!

Can I put it in the dishwasher?
It will not ruin the ScoopTHAT! unlike other scoops. However please wipe off the thermo-ring as some (not all) detergents will discolor the ring. For that reason, we recommend hand washing the scoop in warm water and with a soft sponge.

Does the ScoopTHAT take energy from your hand?
Actually, no. The energy comes from the biodegradable and biosafe liquid inside the handle. The new version ScoopTHAT! Radii (meaning radius - high school geometry) incorporates heat fins from the semiconductor industry to absorb heat from ambient air into the handle and helps replenish the energy.

Chill Glass 

Is it dishwasher safe?
The glass itself is dishwasher safe. Please remove the cork base first.

How do I remove the cork base? 

You do so by holding the glass on one hand, and grabbing the bottom edge of the cork sleeve with your other hand's thumb and index fingers, then twist to loosen. Do not grab the entire cork sleeve because the added pressure actually makes it harder to remove. Grab only the bottom part of the sleeve instead.

What is the cork made of?
Recycled wine corks and oak scraps. We are a big believer in sustainability. Please consider saving your used wine corks, visit a Whole Foods Market and drop your corks into the Cork ReHarvest box.

Is the thermo liquid inside the cork glass safe?

It is 100% biodegradable and biosafe.

Will the glass break if I drop it by accident?
All glasses break. Borosilicate glass is tougher than regular glass and when broken, small glass “dice” tends to form instead of sharp glass shards. The cork sleeve also helps protect the glass - and your tabletop from scratches and condensation.

Can I paint the cork sleeve?
Get creative with your personal messages and art! Here's an example sent in by one of our customers. She created this with a pen!


Can the HeatTHAT! set be heated in the microwave together?
The ceramic can be used in a microwave just like any other ceramic object. However, the heating pad must be heated on its own separately to ensure that it absorbs the proper amount of microwave energy.

How long should the heat pad be in the microwave?
One minute in the microwave is enough for the heating pad to give off heat for up to one hour. We used 1100 Watt microwave as the basis of our calculations. We recommend placing the pad towards the outer edge of your turntable glass tray for a more even heating process. 

I heated the pad for 1 minute but the pad does not feel hot.
The magnetron (the device that emits the actual microwave in your microwave oven) does degrade over time. If you can place your hand over the heating pad and hold it there for more than one second, it means the heating pad has not absorbed enough energy. Try placing the heating pad to the outer edge of your turntable glass tray and heat on high for a further 30 seconds.

Storing the heat pad+ceramics in a dry, cool location will help reduce the amount of moisture that both items absorb. Moisture reduces the amount of heat that can be absorbed.

Can the HeatTHAT! ceramics be placed in the refrigerator?
Yes it can.

Is the HeatTHAT! dishwasher safe?
The ceramic is dishwasher safe but the heating pad is not.

Can I use the heading pad on other tableware instead of the HeatTHAT! ceramic?The heating pad and the matching ceramic are designed to work together as one unit. The ceramic has a hallow base chamber that acts as an insulator to retain heat from the heating pad. The heating pad and the ceramic pair should be used together to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Coconut Oil Dipper

Will the heat from my hand melt coconut oil?
Coconut oil melts at 76 °F (24 °C). The heat from your hand helps soften frozen coconut oil or ice cream and makes it easy to break apart and dig out.

Do I need to keep my coconut oil in the refrigerator?
You can elect to store coconut oil outside of the refrigerator. However, coconut oil can liquify and get really messy in warmer weather, not to mention the danger of it going bad.

Can coconut oil go bad?
Yes it can. Storing outside the refrigerator runs the risk of cross contamination and going rancid. It is not always easy to tell when coconut oil is already spoiled either! 


I already have a few travel mugs, why this one?
Stainless steel mugs react with anything acidic like coffee or tea and induce a metallic taste to your drink. Why ingest small metallic particles when you can choose to enjoy the purest flavors of coffee and tea?

How many layers does this have exactly?
The first two layers are stainless steel which holds a vacuum to keep your drink hot for 6 hours and cold for 12. The 3rd and the innermost layer is glass!

Will it break if I drop it by accident?
Like any glassware, you don't want to drop this product if you can help it. We did insert a shock absorber into the bottom and at the top to protect the glass layer so that a drop from waist-high is survivable most of the time. So far we haven't been able to break any in the lab at waist-high...yet!

What kind of glass is the glass layer?
Pure borosilicate glass (think Pyrex). It has high resistance to temperature extremes.

Does it fit into drink holders in my car?
Yes. And you can take this stylish mug with you everywhere you go, too!



Do I need to use a paper coffee filter?
You do not have to. Some people prefer to use the washable, reusable 250-micron filter which will filter out most of the coffee grit. Coffee oil will stay in your coffee which makes a much richer aroma. Others might use an additional paper filter to filter out the coffee oil.

How do I make pour over coffee?
Pour hot water over the coffee grind. The grind size, water temperature, amount of water, how fast (or slow) you pour water will all contribute to the taste. It's magical once you find your favorite formula. There are literally thousands of instructions out there. Have fun experimenting!

How do I make a good tea using the teapot?
Simply put your favorite tea leaves into the tea filter and set it inside the pot to brew with hot water until you achieve the desired consistency and taste.

Can I set the teapot directly over open flame to boil water?
We do not recommend doing this. Please use water that is already hot to make coffee or tea in this pot.


How many attachments are there?
There are three (3) attachments; a black tea filter/infuser for small leaf black tea, a big tea filter/infuser for tea leaves that expand, and a chill core that decanters and keeps your drink/wine cold

Do I get all three attachments on a single unit or do I have to purchase more?
Each carafe comes with three (3) different attachments. You simply choose the right attachment for the job at hand. 

Do the color bands red, green and beige mean anything?

The color bands are pure aesthetic only. Every unit functions the same way.

Airtight Canisters

What are the sizes and what are they good for?
Small (13 oz) is good for nuts and snacks. Medium (20 oz) fits a 12oz bag of whole coffee bean from Starbucks or a 1 lbs vacuum sealed bag of tea. Large (42 oz) fits cereal, dry noodles, 16oz Starbucks coffee beans, etc. 

How do I make sure the canister is airtight?
Push the cap all the way down until it comes into contact with the food. This ensures that all air is pushed out of the canister. There is an arrow on the cap - you fold the handle down towards the arrow to lock the vacuum in.

Can I carry the canister around by the handle?

Please always carry the canister by holding it with two hands; one hand from below and one on the side. The handle is used for creating vacuum only.

Will this canister handle coffee beans that ferment?
All coffee beans give off CO2. These canisters have built-in release valves that lets CO2 escape while still retain vacuum.

Does this really create vaccum?
Once you press down all the way, air is expelled from the canister. It's not a "negative" pressure vacuum but enough that your food stuff remains fresh.

How long does my food remain fresh?
It depends. With little to no air inside the canister, your food stuff will definitely keep longer. The handle assembly actually unscrews by twisting the bottom counter-clockwise where a chamber is available for a small desiccant pack.


How many utensils will this hold?
The utensil basket is removable and you can expect it to hold enough knives, forks, spoons and chopsticks, etc. for a family of four.

How does UV work to kill germs?
The UV cycle emits ultraviolet-C rays for 60 seconds. This is long enough to break the RNA chains in viruses, thus killing them. The Heat cycle goes for 29 minutes. This is a high heat cycle that cooks the bacteria dead.


How did this idea come about?
Originally, this was developed for storing pills for an elderly relative.

What's so special about the Ministor?
It's super, super lightweight! There are many flasks in the marketplace, but this is the lightest one of them all. The interior is ceramics - no metallic taste. This flask is also designed so that all liquid will be expelled without you having to tilt your head back.

Is this vacuum insulated?
Yes, double-vacuum, plus ceramics interior. Cold/hot exceeds 12/24 hours.

The exterior feels kind of... strange. What is it exactly?
This is a proprietary forming process we call "feather print". It feels as if you are touching a feather (almost).

Macaron Straws

The carrying cases for these straws look like macarons. Otherwise they really have nothing to do with macarons ;-)

What are these straws good for?
They were originally designed for bubble (boba) tea, but we have had many people call in to complement how these are great for their elderly relatives or folks who are in hospitals. The soft texture is good on the lips and the extra wide diameter is great for thick milkshakes.

How do I clean them?
You can use the squeegee tool that comes with the straw, and/or boil the straw in boiling water. The macaron straws uses platinum grade silicon, the exact same material used in baby bottle nipples. You can reuse them and boil them multiple times!

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