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Ultra Lightweight Gift

This mug is so light you'll think it's made of feather - ok, ok, let's not get overboard - it is very, very light at only 8.4 oz. It can easily fit in handbags and is ergonomically designed to fit smaller hands and be easily carried around.

Designed to Empty the Contents Without Tilting Your Head 

Originally designed for an older family member who falls over backwards when he lifts his head. This flask is designed to empty without tilting your head up.

Storage Chamber for Pills, Mint, Etc.

This flask also comes with a dry storage chamber that holds pills, lemon, sugar, your favorite tea leaf, etc. 

Double-walled Insulation, Upgraded 

The interior wall of this 9oz capacity, double-wall vacuum insulated mug is coated in enamel (ceramics) instead of stainless steel to make it resistant to stains and easy to clean. The exterior texture is uniquely formulated for a great feel to the touch. 

Perfect for: hydration on the go, and bring your favorite creamer or sugar with you.