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Ergonomic Butter Dish


Our patent pending butter dish keeps butter from sliding off as you scrape off the top or cut them for cooking.
The retaining wall and railings hold butter securely and accommodates long/slim (Eastern) or
short/stubby (Western) butter. Markings help identify common measurements.

Ergonomic Design Helps Your Wrists

The retaining wall is ergonomically designed to give your hand a place to hold onto while you cut/scrape the butter.
A patent-pending kickstand elevates the butter dish so that your other hand can follow a natural, side-way motion that
reduces stress on wrist tendons. This is especially helpful for people with arthritis or wrist injuries. 

Magnetic Cover

Precision dialed-in with JUST enough magnetic force that the cover does not jump off
when you carry this dish in your vehicle, but light enough for you to open with ease.
This graceful transparent cover will keep your butter fresh and visible.