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Macaron Straws

Reusable Straws Reimagined


Designed for thick milkshakes and sized for Boba (tapioca) drinks,
this macaron-shaped straw set has everything you need
to enjoy your favorite beverage at home or on the go.

With Your Convenience In Mind

Made of 100% platinum grade silicon, this straw set
is soft for the lips, fold into a half inch, soft travel pouch.
It also comes with a thermal-film opening tool to slice open
the film that covers boba drinks.

Sanitary & Easy to Clean 


Platinum grade silicon is the same material as baby bottle nipples.
It is safe to boil in hot water to clean and to reuse. 
It also comes with a soft "pull-through" squeegee for cleaning.
This straw is perfect for those delicate lips of younger kids and older folks. 

Environmentally Friendly Gift


Reusable straws save money in the long run, and also sends a positive 
message to others about the importance of reducing single-use
waste. Available in four fun shapes and colors.