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Carving Cold Butter Has Never Been So Easy

By combining super efficient heat conducting technologies and a cutting-edge design,

SpreadTHAT! II is the only butter knife in the world that can quickly melt butter without using electricity.

SpreadTHAT! II Butter knife that melts butter!

SpreadTHAT! on the NBC Today Show:
A Breakfast Game Changer!

Scientifically Proven

SpreadTHAT! II is super efficient at conducting heat. It warms up in seconds after it is picked up.
Try it for a week - you will not go back to your old butter knife!

Not Just Butter!

SpreadTHAT! II can be used for many other types of spreads
Not only can SpreadTHAT! II be used on butter, but on numerous other spreads and condiments
such as peanut butter, jams, chocolate, honey, and more!