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" I wanted to tell you that your amazing butter spreading knife saved my marriage! We used to have near-violent arguments: I wanted to leave the butter out to keep it soft but my wife wanted to keep it in the fridge to avoid it going rancid. Obviously she was wrong and I was right but that is neither here nor there now because we no longer have to choose! It even spreads butter on matzoh without cracking it."
Regards, a potentially happy customer.

" Bought this for my son's one year old ice cream party in addition to two other different scoops we already have. One was traditional spring loaded type and another like the ones you see in ice cream stores which needs a bowl of water. I figured with so many people coming I needed a good scoop. Well this scoop was the only one we used the whole time even though we had 10 flavors to chose from. It is truly amazing how the ice cream can be packed into a perfect ball within seconds. It looks great too (we got the white one) since it had these "air bubbles" that kids can see on the handle. It also felt very comfortable in my hand and I did not feel strained after the party. We are an ice cream loving family so we will be putting this scoop to good use year round and for entertaining. I hate writing reviews because I am busy with my toddler but I felt this product deserves my two seconds."
Cheryl C.

" I have carpal tunnel on both hands. Your ice cream scoop is the only one that allows me to scoop ice cream without any pain. Thank you for this wonderful tool."
Michelle S. , Brownsville TX