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Ultrasonic Cleaner


Traditional ultrasonic cleaners come in two flavors. Either an immersible small cattle-prod type sonic wave emitter or a small box where you can submerge a pair of eyeglasses plus a couple of small additional items.

The cattle-prod type mini emitter typically only lasts 2 months on average. This is due to the ultrasonic wave hitting a wall or a metallic object, and the wave bouncing back into the emitter and subsequently damaging the components hidden inside. There is no effective protection against sonic wave bounce-back. This type is now rarely seen in the marketplace due to reliability issues.

The pod type works off the same principle. An additional drawback is that it is not big enough for items larger than a pair of eyeglasses. Due to the small volume and lower power, most objects need multiple cleaning cycles to do the job.

A New Kind of Ultrasonic

The principle of this design is to move away from the mini emitter that inevitably fails due to wave bounce-back. To have something that doesn't take up much space, is portable, and allow washing larger objects such as clothing during business travels, on cruise ships, or in RV's or over long road trips.


The Ultrasonic Cleaner

Instead of a mini emitter that sends a narrow beam of ultrasonic wave (with aforementioned bounce-back issues), our Ultrasonic Cleaner itself vibrates ultrasonically, utilizing water as the medium so that every nook and cranny that the water touches will pulsate. This allows for a large volume suitable for clothing, dishes, etc., and is very versatile in a small form. It is no larger than your computer mouse!

Fresh On the Go

The Ultrasonic Cleaner packs inside your suitcase or bag. Simply fill a container, a sturdy bag, or even the hotel sink with water, then plug the USB into any wall outlet (including any bathroom current-limiting GFC outlets) and drop it into the water. The device will run worry-free for 30 minutes before stopping.