NEW product! Picnici portable cooler&picnic table

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An insulated gravy boat - keep your sauce hot and at its best!

HeatTHAT! Gravy keeps gravy delectably hot and tasting its best for well over 60 minutes. Just pop the silicone-insulated base into the microwave for 60 seconds, place it under the matching gravy boat, pour pre-heated gravy into the gravy boat and enjoy every last piping-hot drop. Never settle for gravy gone cold again. Family-size 2 cups!

Best Collection Design – IHA Global Innovation Award; G-mark Product Award

Why Buy This? Keep your gravy hot - no electronic components, no electricity, no messy cord, 1-minute in the microwave provides well over 1-hour HOT heat.

Perfect for: queso, spinach dip, melted chocolate, cheese fondue, bean dip, and more!