ChillTHAT! Carafe

THAT! Premium Kitchenware


Healthy, Refreshing Taste - Ice Free!

Chilled beverages rely on ice to keep their cool, refreshing temperature. The problem is, ice also melts and dilutes the beverage flavors. Our carafe keeps drinks chilled up to 45 minutes, ice-free, so you can enjoy your flavorful beverage that much more. Ideal for wines, juices, cocktails, punches, and even water. A wide mouth opening makes it easy to add fruits for infusions. The glass cap doubles as a drinking glass. A removable silicone insert secures the chilling stick in place and creates a filtered pour spout which keeps large pieces of fruit in the carafe. To use, place the chilling stick in the freezer for 4-6 hours before each use. No batteries or electrical chargers required. It's that easy! 

Special promotion - we are testing a free stylish neoprene keep-cold sleeve for the 1 liter carafe. For a limited time, we will add a free sleeve to each 1 liter carafe order. This sleeve will extend the chilling effects to 1.5 hours. Thanks for being our lab mouse and all feedback are welcomed!



Capacity1 liter (L) or 750 milliliter (1 bottle of white wine)
Materialsstainless-steel, borosilicate glass, silicon


  • Pre-freeze cooling core in the freezer for 4-6 hours before use
  • All components are dishwasher safe