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A refreezable serving platter - Serve it cold and keep it fresh!

iF Design Award Finalist

Made from antimicrobial, food-safe aluminum, ChillTHAT! Platter is as beautiful as it is practical. Using liquid cold plate technology, ChillTHAT! Platter keeps food deliciously chilled for up to 60 minutes. Simply set it in the freezer for 4 hours, remove it from the freezer, and use it to serve up your next dish.

Channels on the platter create a mini atmospheric boundary layer where the cold air pools to keep foods chilled without getting in contact with the cold plate's surface. Any condensation is drained away to the stylish wooden catch tray below. The catch tray is reversible, also serving as a charcuterie board that's elevated above the kitchen counter.

Parties, buffets, banquets, indoors or outdoors, and even on boats! ChillTHAT! Platter is perfect for your next gathering. Whether it's cold cuts, cheeses, sashimi, or pastry creations, you and your guests can enjoy your meal the way it's supposed to taste, long after it's left the fridge.

Perfect for: cheese, deli meat, pieces fruit, sashimi, deviled eggs, and more!