ChillTHAT! Platter

THAT! Premium Kitchenware

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A refreezable serving platter - Serve it cold and keep it fresh!

Made from antimicrobial, food-safe aluminum, ChillTHAT! Platter is as beautiful as it is practical. Using liquid cold plate technology, ChillTHAT! Platter keeps food deliciously chilled for up to 60 minutes. Simply remove it from the freezer, and use it to serve up your next dish.

Parties, buffets, banquets, and more! ChillTHAT! Platter is perfect for your next gathering. Whether it's cold cuts, cheeses, sashimi, or pastry creations, you and your guests can enjoy your meal the way it's supposed to taste, long after it's left the fridge.

Perfect for: cheese, meat, fresh fruit, sashimi, deviled eggs, cheesecake, and more!

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  • Antimicrobial, food-safe all-aluminum construction
  • Slim profile for easy storage
  • Liquid cold plate technology that stores the cold from your freezer and uses it to keep food fresh on the table
Weight33.1 oz (938 g)
MaterialsFood-safe aluminum


Information coming soon.